Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nerdist Live in Seattle & Fanny-Pack-Tastic

Raise the w00t roof! Chris Hardwick is snarking up the Showbox tonite in Seattle. Yours truly will be there to snort along with his comedic stylings. I have not seen enough of him, as I do not have the cable and before I lost my job I never got the chance to watch tv other than the occasional [adult swim] or Cartoon Network when my kids were watching it. However, what I have seen of Chris Hardwick on the interweebs has me rotflol and I'm pretty sure I will pee my pants a little so I may have to call up Grammy to figure out the best protection against incontinence. Thanks Grammy! Good ole Depends, it is.

Taking the BF because he doesn't get out enough. I'm not the type of girlfriend who will force him against his will from blowing up Orcs or Nazi's, but every nerd show I've taken him to has been worth it. He's loved Derby Girl Mud Wrestling, Kirby Krackle, Emerald City Comiccon and if we are lucky, I might get him to see W00tstock before he has to head out to the big blue. Dating a sailor is tough.

As this is my first blog entry in this particular blog I should start by nerding it up myself.

Those who don't know the whole Nerd Rage story, the name is in all actuallity my Roller Derby name which came from comedian Brian Posehn's comedy album of the same title. Rather than go with the typical (albeit cool) Betty names that are common place in derby, I thought I'd go the true route of my personality and point out to all that I am a complete and utter NERD!

Last year I won the covetted award within my league for Best Uniform Alteration...because I wear a fanny pack during every bout. Whu? Alteration? OR BEST THING EVER! Derby girls need to be hands free at so many points, I thought it would just make sense. Last summer I did also win best costume at the RollerCon Black & Blue ball for my fanny pack apparently derby girls get it.
The gal at St Vincent DePaul knows what I am coming for whenever I walk in. Yes, fannypacks. I now have a huge collection of fanny packs to wear on special occasions.

My facination with FPs have resulted in a drunken night fanny pack tattoo (I lie, it was premeditated tatooing)...and because of common misconception, I have to explain it is not in my fanny pack region, It's on the back of my arm.

Someone please find me a Fanny Pack hat because I've heard they exist. I also found my Midtown Market gumball machine wrist fanny pack in my mom's basement. Score!

In conclusion...yes, we all see the awkward bus rider donning a fanny pack as he makes his way to the mental health building, but one need not be afraid...the fanny pack shall prevail. Fanny Packs kick ass and anyone who has fumbled for keys, phone, cards and money or had shoulder strain from walking around ComicCons all day knows deep in their heart that the FANNY PACK RULZ!

That is all...

Wendy aka Nerd Rage 42 of the Slaughter County Roller Vixens

p.s. I am currently on derby hiatus. When I start receiving adequate medical again I will be back. I've skated for 3 years and this 5 months off skates is killing me.

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