Monday, April 12, 2010

Social Nerdism I'm not a typical geek. I'm pretty social for a nerd. However, it's kind of a different story in my case. I'm still awkward, but I just don't care if Joe Schmo-Abercrombie starts slinging insults if I do something weird or out of place. In fact, I thrive on the timing of the awkwardness of being a total dweeb.

For instance, I will walk into a bar on my own, see a social group of aquaintances and most times instead of trying to be a smooth seniorita, I will point out the fact that I just farted over in the corner...whether I have or not, that sets the tone that I'm in the hiz-ouse! And it weeds out those who are judgemental douchebags. (Yeah, I'm talkin to you Ed Hardy wearing muther fudgers.)


Which brings me to the subject of this blog. I like to party. But more in a I think I'm a Fly Girl doing the running man but really I'm Carlton doing the...uhhhh...."Carlton".

So, the past few months have been killing me!

I've been stuck at home, "Funemployed". Not that I don't mind being at home on occasions, I like being a bit of a homebody. Working on my kitchen remodel has been nice, but it's overwhelming and I just want someone to come over and talk with me. I've been doing my Geeky Boutiquey biz, but it's just not as fun if I'm crafting on my own. I do a lot of *sighing* wishing that there were a few other crafty geeks in the neighborhood who want to come over and make things.


I miss doing Roller Derby, but at the same time I can do without injuring myself with no insurance. When I did injure myself WITH insurance I still had a few bills that I really couldn't afford. Lame. (SOME ONE PLEASE FIX THE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM!) Roller Derby is in my heart and soul and it's the one place I could escape stress, but then again it creates a whole new stress sometimes. If you are a seasoned derby girl then you understand this statement.

I think I started this blog to really understand where to go next.

Plus to point out really cool nerdy shit on the internets.

As I am shirking my housework duties to trounce around the web, I should probably just turn it off and go outside to pick up all the brush from the shrubbery I cut down yesterday.

Very un-nerdly of me, I know. Then I remember that we own a house. Which has power to it. And with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility...

...and look what we have on order to put in our house! Awwwwwwwww yeah!

It's a gaming table that turns into a dining table from Yeah! I just farted over here! Whu Whu!

This bad ass gaming table is called The Emissary. And if this doesn't bring people over for a par-tay, I don't know what will! (you realize the irony in that statement, don't you?)

I think it'll be more like re-living that scene in E.T. where Elliot's brother and friends are playing D&D and telling him to bug off. I better have enough Reeses Pieces for the kids so they don't interupt our serious gaming.

If you have previously stayed indoors (LOFNOTC), if you are a geek, dweeb, nerd, spaz or what-have-you, I suggest go out every once in a while, but stay true to yourself. There are people out there that are truly cool genuine people that like you for who you are. Watch out for the hangouts like booty bars with untrained douchebags who will never leave high school behind because that's the only place they will have ever reigned. Suggestion is Pubs NOT Clubs.

Geek Love,
Nerd Rage
aka Wendy Lady

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  1. I enjoy this blog already. Fist pump, Nerd Rage, FIST pump.